As of Jan 26, 2015

Total Number of Licensed Users in North America: 2,169

Total Animals in Inventory in PetPoint North America: 380,073

New Licensed Users in North America in the last
30 days: 22


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PetPoint is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based animal management program that can save your shelter or rescue group valuable time and money!

  • PetPoint is FREE to organizations using the 24PetWatch microchip and lost pet recovery program. Organizations using PetPoint can also take advantage of Pethealth's 24PetWatch Insurance program, the most widely used pet health insurance program within the shelter community.
  • Our shelter experts, with over 35 years of combined experience, teamed up with animal welfare organizations from around the country to develop PetPoint.  The result is a comprehensive yet customizable solution that will meet the needs of the smallest rescue or the largest shelter!
  • PetPoint is the only shelter software that incorporates both the 24PetWatch and Gift Microchip programs for quick, easy and automatic administration at the point of adoption.
  • Phone & web-based training and technical support are provided at no cost.
  • PetPoint's web-based model can lower your IT costs.  A high-speed internet connection, computer, and printer are all that is needed to use PetPoint!
  • PetPoint can automatically update your online adoptable animal listings each hour, including pictures, stories and profiles.
  • PetPoint is easy to learn and use. We can have your organization up and running in less than 30 days!

Call us today at (866) 630-PETS(7387) and we'll get you started! Our shelter-experienced staff can answer your questions and provide you with access to our on-line demo version.

...we never have to worry about software becoming outdated

The Humane Society of Elmore County has used PetPoint since early summer of 2007 and plans on sticking with it for the long-term. PetPoint has not only allowed us to better track our animals, but is a wonderful tool to track people and how they have interacted with the shelter. Being able to pull up a person’s name to see if they have adopted pets from us before, turned in animals previously, are donors, or are sadly people we might not want to adopt to is extremely valuable as this kind of information was extremely difficult to track manually. The ShelterCare health insurance is a tremendous bonus for our adopters – while we hope we never adopt a pet that will get sick, it can happen and the health insurance can make a huge difference to the adopter being able to keep and treat that pet or having to return it to the shelter. With PetPoint being a server-based program, we never have to worry about software becoming outdated and the PetPoint help desk personnel are very responsive and open to new ideas and suggestions as PetPoint grows and evolves. This ability to dynamically improve PetPoint makes it the hands-down winner to any other non-server based program in our eyes. So thanks PetPoint for making such a wonderful program available to all of us in the shelter world where money and resources are always tight, and for being there to support us so well on a daily basis.

Rea Cord
Humane Society of Elmore County, Inc.

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